CAPUMA 2015-2016 TEAM

  • Kelsey

    President - Kelsey Singer

  • Cheyenne Kuckein

    Co-President - Cheyenne Kuckein
    (Semester 1)

CAPUMA 2015-2016

Left to right Back row: Director of Cases- Russell Canning, Director of Web Development- Bishoy Riad, VP of Relations- Gaetano De Lorenzo, VP of Case Competitions- Claire Tallman, VP of Design- Jono Danieli, Director of Design- Alexis Morton, Director of Corporate Relations- Jacob Ward, Director of Social Media- Anthony Li

Left to right Front row: VP of Digital Media- Jason Cao, Mentor- Arianne Liu, Co-President- Cheyenne Kuckein, Director of Events- Taylor Smith, Co-President- Kelsey Singer, VP of Finance Olivia Rakhit, Director of Partnerships- Joseph Warawa, VP of Marketing- Stephanie Hahlen, VP of Human Resources- Asif Din

Missing: Director of Events- Maria Zhikhareva, Director of Internal Relations- Richard Harvey, Director of Public Relations- Erika Gomos, Director of Promotions- Kelen Loewen, Director of Communications- Ivy Martin- Moore, Manager of Corporate Relations- Tom Kramer, Manager of Partnerships- Thao Le Nguyen

CAPUMA 2014-2015 TEAM

CAPUMA 2014-2015 Team

Left to right: Director of AMA Memberships - Asif Din, Director of Branding - Gordon Cheng, Director of Public Relations - Erika Gomos, Co-Director of Corporate Relations - Gaetano De Lorenzo, President - Arianne Liu, Vice President - Cheyenne Kukein, Director of Design - Jonathan Danieli, Director of Human Resources - Gillian Dent, Director of Internal Relations - Richard Harvey, Co-Director of Corporate Relations - Joseph Warawa

Missing: Director of Finance - Rhita Hassar, Director of Social Media - Kelsey Singer (Semester 1), Vice President - Leneath Yanson (Semester 1)

MACS 2013-2014 TEAM


Left to right: Director of Internal Relations - Javen Lowen, Director of Brand Management - Samir Sharma, Vice President - April Robb, Director of Design - Ashley Taylor, Vice President of Design - Jen Esguerra, President - Zofia Rodrigues, Director of Human Resources - Arianne Liu, Director of Finance - Letizia Dibiasio (Semester 1), Director of Corporate Relations - Glen Hombrebeuno, Director of Event Management - Eddie Jang (Semester 1)

Missing: Director of Event Management - Leneath Yanson (Semester 2), Director of Social Media - Kelsey Singer (Semester 2), Director of Finance - Rhita Hassar (Semester 2)

MACS 2012-2013 TEAM


Left to right:   Director of Corporate Relations - Glen Homebrebeuno, Director of Human Resources - Zofia Rodrigues, Co-Creative Director - Scott Knowles, Co-Creative Director - Devan McClelland, President - Ahtousa Panah, Events Director - April Robb, Director of Media  - Farhan Mohamed, Vice President - Thanh Le, Co-Creative Director - Jeremy Wong, Director of Finance - Letizia Dibiasio

MACS 2011-2012 TEAM

President: Vince Johnson
Vice President: Joel Verschuren

Left to right:  N/A