Cole Bayford Media

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Cole Bayford was once a student at Capilano University and enjoys  to be part of great projects with award-winning creators. When you choose CB Media for your special day, event, promotion or narrative project you're getting guaranteed professionalism, experience, and a lasting partnership.

Kapture the Light Photography


Kelen Loewen is a 4th year BBA student at Capilano University. Photography started out as a hobby in high school and evolved into a passion over the years. Fast forward 6 years and he has been successfully managing his own photography business for approximately two years. His work has received appreciation from around the globe with both online fame and local art galleries. He is known for his charismatic personality and creative approach when it comes to portraits and nature photography. Kelen is a go-getter and accepts challenge willingly.

BeeKnown Digital Marketing

BeeKnown Digital Marketing North Vancouver

Ali Abassi is a Capilano University BBA graduate with a focus in Marketing. He went on to start a digital marketing agency in North Vancouver called BeeKnown Marketing where he helps businesses stand out online. Ali has assisted CAPUMA as a speaker and as an educator during our seminars and workshops. He is always eager to help students learn more about digital marketing. You can contact him on LinkedIn.

Nexx Gen IO

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Bishoy Riad is a CAPUMA alumni and another recent graduate from Capilano University. His startup digital agency Nexx Gen IO helps clients build their online presence, with a special focus on the web design/development aspect of digital marketing. The primary objective of Nexx Gen IO is to provide excellent digital marketing initiatives that go hand in hand with today's technology. This premise is very much in line with Bishoy's strong advocacy of leveraging technology>